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Whip of Fools

We have made it.  Stella has survived Summer Camp Season 2017.  For the next 2.5 weeks, she will be with one of her parents or grandparents.  Togetherness.  Oh yeah. The particular camp she just finished culminated every week with a … Continue reading

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Fedora the Explorer

You know how from time to time I identify stuff that I’m just not very good at?  Doing hair, gift wrapping, and pumpkin carving stick out.  Try as I might, I’m just completely unskilled at these things.  Well y’all, I … Continue reading

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School of Hard Knock-Knocks

About 3 months ago, my household was dealt a glancing blow by the kid-favored knock-knock joke.  I want to say it lasted about 2 weeks.  It was fairly sparse and I was relieved when Stella seemed to forget about it. … Continue reading

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I noticed this morning as I lumbered to the office from the parking garage that my stomach definitely is in its own zip code.  It reaches my destination about 2 seconds before the rest of my body.  They say that … Continue reading

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6 months down

Tomorrow marks the official 24 week box on the calendar, so I guess I felt it was a bit of a milestone. Here’s how things stand: 1) The chest-burster effect: I had always joked that being pregnant must feel like … Continue reading

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