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Jacob’s Bladder (or How To Go With the Flow)

I’ve had a whole bunch going on lately.  Work has been relentless with more travel than usual.  Things with Stella became more complicated this week out of the blue, so we’re trying to process and figure out how to reset … Continue reading

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2012: A Space Oddity

Will and I both are so “parent.”  Both of us drive SUVs.  Honestly, that was sort of accidental – literally.  He traded in his old little pickup truck once we knew our kid was imminent, as you can’t really put … Continue reading

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We had a rough evening last night.  In all seriousness (despite my poo commentaries), Stella has been a fantastic baby.  She has not cried very much and has settled into a pretty good cycle of eating and sleeping and has … Continue reading

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To begin, I’d like to point out that it’s 5:45 on a Saturday morning.  I’ve already been awake for one hour.  I couldn’t tell you the exact reason that I woke up in the first place (no doubt either having … Continue reading

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