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I dream of diaper genie

We were given a diaper genie for our baby shower.  It was one of those things that everyone said you HAD to have.  What we discovered rather early, however was the following: Stella was going through so many diapers (she … Continue reading

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Weighting room

Stella had her 2 month checkup (and the dreaded vaccinations) today.  We knew she had been growing.  We knew she wasn’t the tiniest baby on the face of the earth (hence my c-section).  We figured she was thriving; the pediatrician … Continue reading

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Crustaceans and stilettos

There will be certain things I’ll never feel the same way again after being pregnant, or at least not for a long time.  A quick Sunday list: 1) Putting on underwear (or pants).  I’ve reached a point where it’s become … Continue reading

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