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A Nightmare on Elmo Street

About a year ago, Oui Oui gave Stella some Elmo DVDs that she had picked up second-hand for cheap.  We had given Sesame Street a go several times.  Stella loved Grover;  he was the object of her first character-child love … Continue reading

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Floor Letter Word

Since Stella has been so into her ABC’s, we started a full alphabet immersion program.  We had a few odd letter magnets on our fridge that had come from whoknowswhere.  Given that she was so into these, I figured that … Continue reading

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A B C D Tv

As my immersion into children’s media continues, I have been giving lots of attention and thought to this stuff.  I know it’s been a while since I was a kid (and yes, we did have color TV then), but it … Continue reading

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