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Oh Pay Can You See

I’m sure you’ve all seen those memes or spreadsheets  floating around showing what moms should be paid based on them doing the duties of housekeeper, laundress, CFO, physician’s assistant/nurse, chef, and about a dozen other professions, breaking it down into … Continue reading

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There’s a Tear In My Year

Time moves differently for children than it does for us boring grown-up types.  If there is a fun, highly-anticipated event in their future, time is endless.  It will take forever until their birthday or until it’s their turn to watch … Continue reading

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Grandfather. Clock.

I’ve been unsure about whether or not I should write about this. This past weekend, I took Felix and drove roughly 4 hours to visit some family – specifically my grandfather.  Crispy and Grandpaw were also there, as were a … Continue reading

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Sins of Hour Fathers

I often feel like Sisyphus around my house.  I think that in the grand scheme of things, a person is either time-oriented or not.  At home, I am the only such person. Lord knows Will is not.  To be fair, … Continue reading

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There’s a year in my beer

For some reason, I found myself inexplicably blue the past couple of days.  I have had the hardest time putting my finger on it, but I can only assume it is one of those “my life has changed completely” things.  … Continue reading

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The first noel

I knew going in that Stella would be completely nonplussed about Christmas this year.  Shit, she can’t even hold her head up by herself all the time yet (we’re nearly there, but sometimes it gets hard to hold up such … Continue reading

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