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The Stars and Wipes Forever

Being a mom is often gross.  Childbirth – regardless of method- is full of blood and guts and fluids and other stuff.  And what’s next?  Diapers.  For years. It doesn’t get much better after that. There’s snot, booger-eating, puking, that-time-that-Stella-ate-cat-puke, … Continue reading

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Speak Softly and Carry a Big Sick

You know those times when it would be funny if it just wasn’t?  Yeah.  This is one of those times. Saturday was to have been a festive, happy day.  Felix had a birthday party to attend (chauffeured by moi) and … Continue reading

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To Grandmother’s House Oui Go

I wonder if anyone has ever gone to trial for murder by sleep deprivation?  In all seriousness, I think my children are trying to kill me – very very slowly.  First there is Stella:  nearly 3 years of sleepless nights … Continue reading

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