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Guilting at Windmills

Our weather was particularly schizophrenic this weekend, with Saturday topping out in the low 80’s and Sunday never making it above 45°.  And since freezing us cold-intolerant Cajun pansies isn’t enough, the temperature drop was accompanied by a really horrible … Continue reading

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So here in Louisiana we’ve spent most of the last 24 hours preparing for the apocalypse.  We were supposed to have rain, wind, hail, sandstorms, tornados, lava bombs, dense fog, and screaming toads.  This weather was supposed to be so … Continue reading

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Slippery When Weather

To some degree, most of us crave at least a little excitement.  That’s why people spend big bucks and risk their lives to climb Everest, race cars, skydive. It’s why we ride roller coasters. Horror and suspense movies and books … Continue reading

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Have an Ice Day

Recently I’ve been visited by a childhood memory.  I must have been in  2nd or 3rd grade. It was winter in Pennsylvania.  My mother had bought me this awful electric blue ski suit.  It had the pants with the bibs … Continue reading

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Miss-mas Vacation

As with most of the country, the weather has taken a most foul turn the past few days.  This whole entire past weekend was a major bust.  Originally, we had a birthday party at the zoo Saturday, I had a … Continue reading

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The Great Brace

Was it just last week I posted a blog about how well things were going and how pleased I was with Stella’s behavior?  Yeah.  I take it back.  I know, I know.  Not every day will be stellar for anybody.  … Continue reading

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So this Halloween is turning out to be a major bust.  I know you will all think I’m silly but I’m pretty sad about it.  I wrote yesterday that Stella was sent home from school due to a suspected stomach … Continue reading

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Piddle Jumping

I’m having one of those spells where it feels as if my primary mom function is that of waste management.  Even  Felix while nursing likes to pause, look at me, smile, scrunch up his face while turning red, and with … Continue reading

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