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Weighting to Exhale

I’m going to market my breast milk  I think.  Our pediatrician saw Felix roughly 2 days after we left the hospital.  At that point, he weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces.  He had regained the 2.2 ounces he had lost after birth … Continue reading

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I noticed this morning as I lumbered to the office from the parking garage that my stomach definitely is in its own zip code.  It reaches my destination about 2 seconds before the rest of my body.  They say that … Continue reading

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The whole world likes to discuss how much pregnant women eat.  I have to concede that I have definitely eaten more while pregnant, although that has mostly referred to how frequently I put something in my face vs. the quantity … Continue reading

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My fetus will get you, my pretty….and your little dog, too

When we were born, neither Will nor I were giant babies.  From what we’ve been told, we were both under 7 pounds.  As I’ve progressed through my pregnancy, I have often been comforted by that, as most research seems to … Continue reading

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