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I Know Why the Caged Nerd Sings

Y’all.  I finally got to see Wonder Woman.  With my mother in town, Will and I got our first date in at least a couple of months.  We made a beeline to the theater and caught it on what may … Continue reading

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Clothe Encounters of the Third Kind

Ah, Stella.  Please oh please for the love of glob don’t let her turn into a princess.  While it’s been building for a while, my daughter has definitely reached the point in her development where she feels she is more … Continue reading

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A nose by any other name…

‘Tis the season for pollen allergies to kick in.  Don’t get me wrong :  I see some folks slogging around, totally miserable, and I know it could be worse.  Still, it seems I get a sinus infection with a periodicity … Continue reading

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