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S.o.C. It To Me

This will be a stream of consciousness-type thing, hence the “S.o.C.”  See what I did there? It’s been a strange strange week.  My children are gone.  Oui Oui surprised the living daylights out of me Sunday evening.  This was to … Continue reading

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Home on the Rage

I did something today I’ve never done in my professional life; after sitting at my desk for an hour, I decided I was too angry to be at work.  So I left.  I spoke to my immediate supervisor.  He was … Continue reading

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Ayn Random

It’s been busy.  God, it’s been so busy.  Most of it’s good, some of it is just crazy-making.  Work has been really intense.  It stands to reason when you live in the deep south and you operate a chemical plant/refinery, … Continue reading

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Snail Male

I’ve written before that I have the ability to telecommute two days a week for work.  While I’ve often joked (or lamented) about being stuck at home with my kids, telecommuting has given me a wonderful opportunity for me to … Continue reading

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On Again/Office Again

Today has been my reentry day.   The whole thing didn’t play out the way I thought but you would think I’d be used to that by now.   I honestly didn’t think I’d get all emotional and weepy.  I did.  It wasn’t as bad today as yesterday … Continue reading

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SIDS and Nancy

As I wrap up my second full week back at work, it seems a good time to take inventory.  I no longer cry (or have to try really hard not to) when I leave the baby in the morning.  I … Continue reading

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Mothering heights

I have now officially survived my reentry into a full-time working schedule.  It was much harder than I anticipated.  As I’ve already discussed, the emotions are pretty tough to contend with at times.  I think that Thursday was the worst … Continue reading

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Hi ho, hi ho…..

One week from now, I have to return to work.  The very thought of having to leave Stella makes me feel weepy.  Understand that I’ve always been pretty career-oriented.  I felt funny leaving the office for the last time before … Continue reading

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