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Swear the Wild Things Are

Language is a funny thing.  For those of you who actually read most or even all of my blogs, I probably seem like I’m a little schizophrenic.  I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person. No, I don’t have … Continue reading

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The Food, the Bad, and the Ugly

I suppose I’m one of those Instagram celebrity stalkers. I follow quite a few, I’m embarrassed to admit. No, I could give a rat’s behind about anyone named Kardashian or GaGa. I follow tattoo artists, celebrity chefs, a small handful … Continue reading

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Some Like It Snot

I mentioned recently that my children had acquired a cold virus. I suppose I should be grateful that we have avoided any major illness since Felix had his tubes put in in December, successfully navigating the Christmas season without any … Continue reading

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Black to the Future

Things are getting back to normal here now that Mardi gras is over.  That is, if you consider Asshole Wednesday to be normal (in this case, methinks “Ash” was an abbreviation).  Everyone I’ve encountered today has been a butt, from … Continue reading

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In the Random of the Blind, the One-Eyed Are Kings

Life seems especially hectic lately.  I’m burning up the roads at work this month, which means I have very little time to sit and reflect on my oh-so-interesting life to find shareable tidbits.  In the meantime, some thoughts….in no particular … Continue reading

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Sh1t-Eating Pin

Like everyone else, I have a major love-hate relationship with Pinterest.  Sure, I’ve spent hours scanning pins, seeing what’s out there.  Sure, I’ve actually attempted to make/create what I’ve pinned.  I would estimate that I’ve actually tried 3% of my … Continue reading

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Joanie Loves Chachijuajua

We’re not the best neighbors.  To be fair, up until recently we simply couldn’t be.  We have 2 young kids and our work schedules were bipolar.  It’s still tough to get out and about, but it’s easing up some.  That … Continue reading

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