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Coup de Toddler

I look around sometimes when it’s quiet (Did I really just say that?) and don’t recognize my life.  Some things are physical about myself: I have some wrinkles.  Mostly on my forehead, some around my eyes. I have gained a … Continue reading

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Sane Shit, Different Day

Things feel a bit more serene today, thankfully.  Yesterday, I think the grown ups (and Felix) were suffering from a pretty awful day.  Stella was her normal happy (mostly) self.  No one can say that kid doesn’t roll with the … Continue reading

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Judge Breadd

To anyone particularly squeamish:  This blog may not be for you. For anyone in our circle of friends and family:  Don’t worry!  Our baked goods are safe to eat!! Will has always enjoyed the more scientific aspects of cooking.  He’s … Continue reading

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Boob porn

I can now say that I’ve survived my first day back to work.  Despite my scoffing, I did in fact cry this morning (as well as off and on yesterday) at the fact that I had to leave my little … Continue reading

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